School Uniform

Please note that the only approved stockists for the branded pieces of Dean Trust Wigan school uniform are AC Sports in Pemberton and Slaters in Wigan. If uniform is purchased from an unapproved supplier and it does not fully comply with our uniform policy you may be asked to re-purchase the correct approved uniform.

Our school uniform is inclusive by design and enables all pupils to feel a sense of belonging and identity. Pupils should accustom themselves to being tidy, well-groomed and suitably dressed for different kinds of activity. Please note our standards on uniform and appearance are not for negotiation.

Uniform Standards

Blazer – Burgundy with the Dean Trust Wigan logo. This must be worn at all times to and from school and around school.

Shirt – Plain white pointed button collar – pupils must have the top button fastened.

Tie – Dean Trust Wigan school tie to be worn at all times.

Trousers – Tailored plain dark grey trousers (fitted slimline style, skinny fit, chino, leggings or jeans are not allowed). Trousers to be worn with plain dark grey or plain black socks.

Skirt/Pinafore – Plain grey box pleated knee length skirt or grey pinafore. Skirts must NOT be shorter than knee length and must NOT be rolled. Skirt/pinafore to be worn with plain grey/black tights or knee length grey socks.  Year 7 pupils must wear a branded skirt which includes the Dean Trust logo.

Jumper (Optional) – Grey jumper with the Dean Trust badge. This to be worn under a blazer, not instead of. The jumper is not a replacement for the school blazer.

Shoes – Shoes which are plain black only, polishable with a flat smooth sole (shoes with sports logos, heels, patterns, gold chains, embellishments etc. are not allowed. If it looks like a boot, trainer, pump and canvas shoe are not allowed) Examples of acceptable shoes and shoes which would not be allowed can be found below.

Belt – Plain black (fashion belts are not allowed).

Outdoor Coats/Jackets – Coats should be suitable for weather conditions. (Hoodies, sports jackets or sweatshirts are not allowed. Coats or jackets should not be worn in the school building).

Headwear – Plain black or grey hijab. Black simple small hair slide or hair band (hair adornments with glitter, flowers, slogans, bows are not permitted. Baseball caps are not allowed).

PE Kit – Dean Trust Wigan school polo shirt with logo, black PE shorts/ black sports leggings or black jogging bottoms, plain black football socks, trainers. An optional Dean Trust Wigan branded hoodie may also be purchased and worn.

Essential Equipment: School bag – large enough school bag to carry all belongings.
A pencil case which contains two BLACK ink pens, one GREEN ink pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, scientific calculator, glue stick, highlighter pens, school books including a school planner and reading book.

Our uniform policy will always be adapted to respond to extreme heat conditions.

PE kit must be brought into school for every PE lesson, even if you are not participating. You will be able to fulfill other roles in the lesson.

Standards of Presentation

Hair/Headwear: Hair should be neat and tidy in appearance. Extreme hairstyles, cuts or colours are not allowed. Only natural hair colours and patterns are acceptable. Hair longer than shoulder length must be kept tied up at all times.

Make Up: Make up is not permitted. This includes permanent or semi-permanent
makeup (false tan, false eyelashes, acrylic, painted nails)

Jewellery: Pupils are allowed to wear an analogue watch however smart watches are not allowed. For health and safety reasons pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery or clear retainers of any kind. No piercings of any sort are allowed. Any jewellery seen will be confiscated by staff.


Travel: Pupils should travel to and from school in full school uniform and as pupils are therefore representing the school they should behave in a respectful and courteous way.
Cycles may be brought onto school and stored in the designated cycle racks at owners risk. Electric scooters are not permitted.

Healthy schools: Only water can be consumed in the classroom (750ml or less). Milk, juice or water may be purchased at break or lunch time. Family size/sharing bags of sweets, chewing gum chocolates, biscuits or crisps are not allowed. We ask all pupils to respect our school and to keep our school tidy by placing litter in the bins provided.

Mobile phones and electronic devices: No mobile phones or electronic devices
should be brought into school (this includes smart watches). Pupils who need mobile
phones for their journey to and from school should hand it in to pastoral staff upon their
arrival to school.

Banned items: Banned items are any items which may cause damage to others and or the school environment, or a distraction to teaching and learning. Under no circumstances must the following be brought into school; weapons, alcohol, drugs and ‘legal highs’, stolen items, smoking/vaping paraphernalia, fireworks or explosives. Other
banned items include aerosols, laser pens, chewing gum and fidget spinners. This list is comprehensive but not exhaustive list.


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