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Newsletter 15th March 2024

Headteacher Message

Mrs. Jennifer Evans

Dear Parents & Carers,

We have had another incredibly successful week at Dean Trust Wigan, with food and sport continuing to be some of the areas that generate the most pupil engagement.

Year 11 Hospitality & Catering pupils have undertaken an exam this week and have produced work that looks delicious. The adults Cooking on a Budget sessions resume on 27th March, and further details are provided later in this newsletter.

In Sport, we have hosted fantastic talks with an external organisation about cycling, and some of our pupils have been selected to champion the importance of offering equal opportunities for girls to get involved in football and influence better provision of girls’ football in schools.

Well done to our Female Leaders who are accepting applications from Year 7 pupils to join the Female Leaders Group as part of the Manchester United Foundation. Congratulations also to our Year 8 Boys who took part in the Manchester United Emerging Talent Tournament and came third overall!

We held our final year group Progress Evening this week, with Year 7 Progress Evening being held on Thursday. My thanks to all Dean Trust Wigan staff for their efforts, and my thanks to you as parents and carers for attending.

There are two more weeks before we break for the Easter holidays, just nine more days. Please continue to send your child into school every day during this time. Whilst I know that the costs of holidays does rocket in school holidays, we cannot be compromising on your child’s education and your child must still be coming to school every day during term time, come rain or shine (or both, in the case of the weather recently!)

I wish you all a restful weekend, and look forward to seeing you next week.

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